RDEER 1PC Pinces 6"/150mm CRV Multitool à Dénuder Pour la Coupe Sertir Multi Fonctionnelle Électricien Outils à Main

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Caractéristiques: Utilisé pour le fil de fer fil de cuivre de flexion des travaux de coupe Peut être utilisé pour le sertissage de décapage de travail TPR vert poignée en caoutchouc, se sentir confortable et durable

Mots-clés: la laoa outil, électricien outil, barres d'armature en fil d'outil, longue pince, rdeer outil, mince outil à dénuder, auto outils d'électricien, outil multifonctions, multitul, multi pince outil.


  • Taille: 6"/150mm
  • Caractéristiques: Multifonctionnel
  • Numéro De Modèle: 112
  • Matériau Du Manche: TPR
  • Code: F011261503X
  • Pince De Style: Européenne
  • Quantité: 1pc
  • Style De Poignée: Droite
  • Le Nom De La Marque: R'DEER
  • Matériel: Acier Chrome Vanadium (CRV)
  • Discount: 5% de rabais lorsque vous achetez 2pcs
  • Package: Emballage De Blister
  • Application: Coupe/Serrage/Décapage
  • Type: Pinces De Verrouillage/Long Nez Pince Coupante Diagonale/Pinces

Malvina 0005
Delivery is super fast, quality tool. We order the second time. The seller is good. We work for the third year with pliers of the same company (on the first photo of the plier after a snack of wires under voltage). Everything works properly.
Akrep 1980
I take tools rdeer. not for the first time. From a similar one I have even more large passages, medium clippers and duckies (among other things). It's all alive. Duckbill in general constantly in the tail and Mane I use. Practically, no worse than the duckbill Knipex (they I have, but the shore, "paradod-weekend"). All year these duckbill many often and many bit Punch (MP12, narrow). I understand that this is not for the purpose-but it turned out to be more convenient, so as not to carry a heap. Bite properties have not lost, but there cutting edges are short, half a millimeter is not enough. These passports have a little wider-so it will be wonderful. And the size is what you need-moderately compact, but still grasped. And even, I think, they will just replace everyday duckies, the ends are narrow enough to grab something.